Hallway Parties

Jahanna Allen, Staff Writer

At Bijou, they have parties called hallway parties. A hallway party is a break from work. During the hallway parties, there is music that the teachers play to encourage you to dance. Kids at Bijou seem stressed about classes so the hallway parties are created to give kids a break from classes.

Breeann Allen, 10th, stated that the most stressful part about school is “trying to keep up your grades and attendance.” She  says hallway parties would be more entertaining if the Bijou staff provided food. Jasiah Brown, 10th,  is a student at Bijou. He stated that hallway parties are  “boring and chill at the same time.” It’s boring because you just stand there and no one wants to dance but It’s chill because you get to talk to your friends and hang out with them before your next class . Some negative things about hallway parties would be, that it’s very crowded so some people feel claustrophobic and you can’t leave because there are teachers at both ends of the hall so people can’t leave. Hallway parties should be in some schools because it relives some stress and lets kids take a break and have fun.