Off Campus Lunch

Dezy Wallace, Photo Editor

Most schools on the Roy J Wasson Academic campus (Rjwac) have an off-campus lunch, meaning students can leave during lunch to go get their own food from places nearby. Most students chose to stay on campus due to the lack of transportation. The students who leave, usually leave with packed cars. The pros and cons of off campus lunches can be students can get rid of stress from school, kids can have more choices for lunch, but kids can also get themselves in trouble by doing things they shouldn’t be.

Anyone can go off campus for lunch except freshmen at Odyssey. Though all the schools can leave during lunch, Odyssey does not recommend their students to leave. Of course, the main pro to Odyssey leaving during lunch is so the students can have a break from the stress and be able to spend time with their friends. It also gives students a time to exercise. Sense everything is so far away, students need to move fast to be able to get back on time. The problem is, most students who leave doesn’t show up on time.

Kids go off campus frequently. There are some bad aspects to this, however students go off campus mainly for one reason, to smoke. Odyssey students aren’t allowed at smoker’s hill; they work their way around it. As Dr. Lamphere says, “Kids go off campus because they want smoke, because they want to vape. They want to do things they aren’t supposed to be doing.” and he isn’t wrong, vaping is dangerous. The staff is concerned about students going off campus because there’s no way for the school to make sure its students are safe.

Going off campus isn’t recommended but, there are some benefits. Most kids at school suffer with anxiety and depression and sometimes the stress of school could make it worse. Giving kids a break, even if it’s just as small as thirty minutes, helps kids calm down and take a breather. It can help kids with time management and saving money. Students already know that if they show up late it can lead to consequences, so it’s helping kids get ready for the future. If a student goes into class ten minutes late in college, they could miss valuable information that can hurt them in the future. Its training kids to show up on time, save money, figure out how far they can go and still be able to get back on time.

Going off campus can benefit students, or feed into growing addictions. This all depends on how the person wants to spend their time off campus. Even though there is a lot more cons then pros, off campus should be available to everyone, there can still be benefits. School is stressful, and some kids look forward to the lunch. Off campus should be allowed, with certain rules if the trust is broken.