2018-2019 Staff

Angela Banfield



Gillianne Hulse

Co-Editor in Chief

My name is JB and I am here because I love literature. Writing, reading, and poetry are my passions, and I have turned taking pictures into a hobby. I am outgoing and fun loving and hope to help encourage my peers.

Ursen Black

Co-Editor in Chief

Here at Odyssey Early College High School I’m a lot of things: a student, a friend, a club leader, and I am now proud to call myself a journalist. Our school is unique in many ways, our journalism class being no exception, so...

Ian Lockhart

Website Editor

As the website editor, I design and manage the Phoenix Flash, doing everything from posting articles to changing color schemes. I joined the Journalism staff because I wanted to help inform and educate people on important issues....

Victoria Hass

Copy Editor

I was in journalism last year, and I helped in making the yearbook. I was a member of my fifth-grade newspaper and enjoy writing more than any other academic subject.

Sanaya Jones

Photo Editor/Coverage

I am a fun energetic and outgoing person. I love journalism; taking pictures and do layouts are my favorite part. I want to get a minor in journalism. I am an active member in the Odyssey ECCO community. I am a very active person....

Aspyn Metzger

Yearbook Section Editor

I wanted to be on the journalism committee because I have always wanted to be one of the members who helped create a yearbook for the school. This way I can do that as well as work on the website and magazine. I also love takin...

Marissa Caster

Secretary/Staff Writer

I personally enjoy journalism because I love learning more about my community and giving a voice to those who cannot voice their own beliefs. Through writing articles, Journalists are able to inform the public about significan...

Mikayla Smith

Staff Writer

Why do I want to be in journalism? Being able to make my voice heard, speaking the truth, as well as taking photos has always been what I wanted to do. Doing things in journalism fits my personality and helps me meet people I...

Juan Perez

Staff Writer

Jacob Hurt

Staff Writer

Shay Gilcrest

Staff Writer

When I get done with school my plan is to becoming an architect. I like drawing, and designing building’s is one of my hobbies. To become an architect, I have to finish school, so while I’m in school I’m going to work hard...

Julian Legarda

Staff Writer

I have always been interested in the investigative aspect of journalism and the law surrounding it. I always look forward to telling people important info and getting my voice heard throughout the school and community. I've taken...

Carson Bell

Staff Writer

My name is Carson and I am in journalism because I like to write and work in yearbook. In my free time I like to play football. I also like to play video games. I joined because I didn’t really want to do anything else. I also...

Andrew Fogel Jr.

Staff Writer

My name is Andrew Fogel I am here because I love socializing. Also, I love writing, reading, and playing sports. On top of that I am also not that bad at photography. I am very humorous and love making jokes. I hope to be something...

Jahanna Allen

Staff Writer

My name is Jahanna Allen and I joined journalism because I love photography and writing. When I moved to Bijou this semester I heard that they do a lot of writing and photography. I also wanted to get out of my comfort zone and...

Brayden Humphrey

Staff Writer

My name is Brayden and I’m here because I love to write, taking photos and I just love journalism. I love to play sports I’m a very energetic person. I love to socialize with a lot of my peers I am a really friendly person....

Caden Garcia

Staff Writer

My name Is Caden Garcia I chose to be a journalist because I feel like everyone should know what is going on, I like to show everyone the truth behind subject that people don’t really think about, if it’s bad or good news...

Jasiah Brown

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Jasiah and I’m in journalism because I’m good at taking pictures. I take pictures a lot for my family so I chose journalism. I made taking pictures one of my hobbies. Another thing I like about journalism is...

Zandar Owens-Hailey

Staff Writer

I am a sophomore in high school. I chose to do journalism because I like how fast paced and I like communication to others fast to work as a team. I like photography and reporting on events. I like interviewing people and getting...