2018-2019 Staff

Angela Banfield



Gillianne Hulse

Co-Editor in Chief

My name is JB and I am here because I love literature. Writing, reading, and poetry are my passions, and I have turned taking pictures into a hobby. I am outgoing and fun loving and hope to help encourage my peers.

Ursen Black

Co-Editor in Chief

Here at Odyssey Early College High School I’m a lot of things: a student, a friend, a club leader, and I am now proud to call myself a journalist. Our school is unique in many ways, our journalism class being no exception, so...

Ian Lockhart

Website Editor

As the website editor, I design and manage the Phoenix Flash, doing everything from posting articles to changing color schemes. I joined the Journalism staff because I wanted to help inform and educate people on important issues....

Victoria Hass

Copy Editor

I was in journalism last year, and I helped in making the yearbook. I was a member of my fifth-grade newspaper and enjoy writing more than any other academic subject.

Sanaya Jones

Photo Editor/Coverage

I am a fun energetic and outgoing person. I love journalism; taking pictures and do layouts are my favorite part. I want to get a minor in journalism. I am an active member in the Odyssey ECCO community. I am a very active person....

Aspyn Metzger

Yearbook Section Editor

I wanted to be on the journalism committee because I have always wanted to be one of the members who helped create a yearbook for the school. This way I can do that as well as work on the website and magazine. I also love takin...

Marissa Caster

Secretary/Staff Writer

I personally enjoy journalism because I love learning more about my community and giving a voice to those who cannot voice their own beliefs. Through writing articles, Journalists are able to inform the public about significan...

Mikayla Smith

Staff Writer

Why do I want to be in journalism? Being able to make my voice heard, speaking the truth, as well as taking photos has always been what I wanted to do. Doing things in journalism fits my personality and helps me meet people I...

Juan Perez

Staff Writer

Jacob Hurt

Staff Writer

Shay Gilcrest

Staff Writer

When I get done with school my plan is to becoming an architect. I like drawing, and designing building’s is one of my hobbies. To become an architect, I have to finish school, so while I’m in school I’m going to work hard...