Scholarships For Football

Scholarships For Football

In male sports, football is leading as the most likely sport to get a scholarship. After football, ice hockey, basketball, track and field, lacrosse, and basketball, football has a 7.1 percent chance to get a scholarship, hockey has a 12.1 percent chance, basketball has a 3.33 percent chance, track and field has a 12.6 percent chance, lacrosse also has a 12.6 percent chance, and basketball has a 25 percent chance.

Students have to be at least an above-average player to receive any type of sports scholarship, especially a football scholarship. The football position that is best and/or most likely to get a scholarship is wide receiver.


An interview of student athlete, Zen Groves, 10, taken in a Q & A format. Groves played for Coronado (wide receiver and defensive back) during the year 2023.


Is there a position that you wanted to play but can’t?

“No, wait, yeah, I wanted to be a kicker. Seriously I’m nice, but they won’t let me. I just need a time to show them.”


Do you play somewhere else besides your school?

“I sometimes play games at Garry Barry, it just depends on where we’re playing. Like tonight we are going to Pueblo.”


Do scouts watch you play?

“They go to almost all of my games, that I know of.”


How many hours do you practice daily?

“I practice football 4-5 hours daily or I’ll try to at least.”



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