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Germany Trip Dinner


Edelweiss restaurant located off of Tejon St. and Ramona Ave hosted the Germany Trip Dinner. This dinner was used as a platform to help students and chaperones better understand the culture and language of where they will be going. The dinner is provided, and they also provided dessert. The restaurant gave them a menu that was composed of foods that are common in the area that they will be traveling to. On the 27th of November 2023, at 6 PM, the restaurant immersed future travelers in the culture and environment that they will be experiencing. Even the waiter spoke German to help everyone better understand the language and common phrases, as well as how to order common foods in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. 

“I think my favorite part was the authentic German food.” 10th grader Lily Altman stated when asked what she enjoyed the most about the dining experience. The food served gained lots of appreciation from the attendees. Everyone was surrounded by true culture and environment that they would be around when going on this immersive trip. Altman continued to go on to say, “The food. It’s delicious and I would recommend.” 

However, some things about the night the guests did not expect. According to one 10th grader, not all of the waiters were speaking German while serving everyone. This coud have and may have taken away from the experience that guests were expecting to be provided with. 

Another 10th grade student spoke on how “adapting to the pronouncements in the German way,” was very beneficial to their preparedness for the trip. 

Edelweiss restaurant put on a phenomenal night for all of the teachers, chaperones, and students that would need to be prepared for the trip coming up in the Spring. Thanks to this immersive experience, all attendees got to try new foods and a new environment. Some would even say that they are even more excited about the trip! Overall, this dinner created a space for students to learn more about where they’d be traveling to.

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