Cyber Security

Andrew Fogel Jr., Magazine Editor

Cyber security is a one of the classes Odyssey’s Early College and Career Options high school and is taught during three different block periods of the day by Mr.Tomeo. It is considered to be a “career pathway” or “technical education” class. Cyber specializes in protecting your information on the internet. A rigorous course like Cyber security benefits its students with the opportunity to engage in learning online defense. The duration of each Cyber class is a 90-minute-long informative on why cyber security is beneficial in and out of school. Aside from the core work in Cyber the students also participate in competitions. Cyber class may also boil down as a useful asset to legally protecting yourself.

A student at Roy J Wasson academic campus by the name of Lars Williams participates in cyber, and sat down with Andrew Fogel for an interview, “Cyber security encompass everything security related especially in industry and business, from securing your network, to threats on the inside and out, as well as in between, for example, where your computers come from, what type of software you have, or even who comes in and out of the building”.

For cyber one needs a set of skills specific to the tasks that need to be performed. You should act with maturity. The Cyber security course has a lot to do with computers, so cyber bullying can arise when other do not act appropriate. It is important to remember to post online with modesty and consideration. Good composure is another importance of the course because numerous attacks are performed on websites as well as the enterprise system, so being able to maintain a calm face is vital. Panic can create a major disruption. Knowing how to manage a computer as well as yourself is important when approaching a class such as Cyber Security. Going into a cyber-class, you should have some understanding of how to properly make a computer perform the tasks you need it to complete. How to secure your internet, along with what software you have downloaded can be vital to protect yourself against being hacked, or having your information stored.

Lars Williams, also mentioned, “You can take cyber into profession, or even your personal life, just knowing how computers work”. When discussing the ways you can legally protect your personal life.

Along with that, Cyber class also offers some competitions to participate in as well. One of the competitions being the cyber patriot competition. Over 6,800 classes compete in this event, and often scholars can take home awards.