First Day of High School

Class of 2023

Everyone’s first day of school differs, and for freshman it can feel as if they are trapped in a glass box with the eyes of upperclassmen and teachers constantly watching them. Their anxiety   kicked in as they tried to find their classes. Fortunate freshmen were lucky enough to find a friend to help comfort them through the year. Others had to start at square one, and build friendships over time. Everyone’s voices echoed around the room as kids bragged about what they did for the summer. Beginning high school can force a lot of pressure on students because they get closer to entering the real world outside of their comfort zone.

“[I was] mostly nervous, most of my family dropped out, ’’. Said Isaiah Kortz a sophomore at The Bijou School, his initial thought of beginning high school was that he “was nervous because he was a step closer to the end of school.”

 “Oh crap here we go again”,. William Raine a sophomore at the bijou school said this was his initial thoughts on beginning school, and that the worst part about starting high school was “trying to stay positive”.

Starting high school can be more challenging than middle school because of higher curriculum, and new classes. When we asked students if middle school was the same as high school, most students answered no. 

 Taylor Duran sophomore at Odyssey ECCO states that “High school teachers give students more opportunities and skills to help them for the future, middle school teachers really just prepare you for highschool.”

 JonRenee Adams also a sophomore at The Bijou School stated “Middle school and High school aren’t really different, the only difference was the teachers got more strict”. 

However, teachers in high school become stricter because they want students to focus more so they can have the opportunity to do their best and reach their goals on graduating high school.

Victoria Reid a teacher at the bijou school explains that she is harder on kids because she is “ Preparing high schoolers for their future, (i.e.) time management, technological management, and social management”

 Overall, freshman differ in their perspectives about how their first day, and interestingly the interviews were similar in opinions about their freshman year.