Iron Phoenix – The Newly Renovated Weight Room

Iron Phoenix - The Newly Renovated Weight Room

Did you know that the Wasson campus has its own weightlifting room? Well if you travel all the downstairs to room 15 you’ll find it and depending on the day you might be able to use it yourself. Recently over the summer, the campus pulled its resources together to fix it up; giving it a new floor, a new paint job, and even some new equipment. As we haven’t had renovations or much new equipment ever since the 90s, 20 years before Odyssey even became a school at Wasson Campus, it was a needed and well deserved change. Dr. Lamphere,overseer of the iron phoenix club, spoke highlights of the weightroom stating- “I was excited about the idea of new equipment. It ups everybody’s motivations when in a nice, clean, new space.” As well as him mentioning how he was an avid lifter up until covid and former palmer rugby coach, he was excited about the renovations done to the weight room, with him being even more delighted about how renovations allowed for a safer space for his students in the Iron phoenix club.


The Iron phoenix club is Odyssey’s weightlifting club in which Dr. Lamphere currently runs along with his student representative, James Even. In the Iron Phoenix Club Dr. Lamphere stated that members focus on a variety of things such as “…technique, supportive positive attitude for a growth mindset plays of avid, fitness” These are all important things In the community of the club with a strong focus on supporting each other with positive attitudes along with building the community they are in. However, safety is the main focus of the club, after some small incidents last year (costing Dr. Lamphere paperwork) the Iron Phoenix club this year is super focused on safety and good technique.

James Even, the student representative and a founding member of the club, thrilled from  so many new members this year joining, with currently the biggest with around 15 people inside the club. But, He hopes that the club can grow and get more funding so they can renovate the weight room further and have more space for future members with more equipment for them to use. James Even stated the club as “…the community and welcomeness it’s a way for odyssey to have physical growth.” I am to believe from the testimonies of James and the other members of the club that his goal had been achieved.







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