Ten Things to Know About College

Sarah Banfield, Staff Writer

Throughout college, having pointers and different guidelines can help with keeping on track with assignments and overall success.
1. Always use your planner or agenda. Utilizing your planner or agenda helps keep track of homework as well as making sure your tasks are complete.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People are in tutoring or the Learning Commons area to help you with homework, in class discussion.
3. Study Groups. Study groups can benefit with class studies. Get together with peers who will help to create a working group.
4. Snacks help power brain cells. If your classes are spaced out within a two hour or more interval, its best to have a lunch and snacks packed for the day.
5. Music Memory. Music can help access memory for a test or for studying as well as helping the brain store and file different items. You can create a playlist that can be put on repeat specific for studying or for doing homework for different classes; make sure that the music is instrumental in order to prevent cross information.
6. Time Management. Make sure that you are able to complete assignments within the allotted time frame that is given. If needed, spend time on one assignment at a time or focus on the ones that are due first.
7. Check Email. Always check your email, your professors and teachers can send updates or respond to questions about your classes.
8. Be Involved. (If time and schedule allow it) be involved in school events or even clubs. Get to know people that share the same interests as you.
9. Utilize the food pantry. you have issues with food or financial aid, the food pantry can help you with meals and food supply.
10. Computer lab. The computer lab allows and offers help for printing, studying and overall technical advice. The environment is quiet and offers blocked off areas.