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Evan Searle, Editor-In-Chief

Evan Searle, Junior at Odyssey ECCO. I am at Odyssey for the Associate’s degree, and the few friends I have. I am in Journalism, in literal terms, because it was one of a few options to round out my schedule for this year. I chose it, and would like to stay in it, because given the vibes from the pool of classmates we have, I think I can bring relatively unique editorials. Also, I can be very blunt and will get on people’s cases if they’re out of line, not working, etc. Which could prove useful for keeping people focused and working, and keeping their work clear and concise. I’m also a sticker about facts vs opinion; I will not hesitate to point out biases, I attentively fact check, and I’m good at sniffing out opinions disguised as facts. I’m very tech oriented, so, for example, if someone were to break the camera, I might be able to fix it for a lot cheaper than what a replacement camera would cost, depending on what breaks. I’d also be the guy to go to if anything else tech related is going pear shaped, as I will either know how to fix it or find out how to and try fixing it. Only thing I won’t really mess with is Apple products, but if it’s a big enough issue, I might tackle those as well. I’d like to think I’m good at photography, when it comes to photographing scenery and environments. I don’t think I have so much of an affinity for photographing people, but I am perfectly up to learning how to get better at doing that.

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Evan Searle