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Darian-Oziel Palacios, staff writer

I'm in journalism because it was a required class, but I think it would be cool and good for me to get "out there" and be one with the community. so, I can support my friends with their sports games and or whatever event they might have. I also think it would be cool to be skilled at taking photos and getting really cool photos of people and friends. I would also like to see how the community is when supporting their team and their child who is playing, kind of like how I went to a Garry Barry game for Zen groves. I saw how the audience would dress in their team's color and would chant and be holding up signs and screaming when their team got points. It was an amazing experience being at the football game, and if there are going to be games like that, then I'm looking forward to the future games that are coming up. Especially when I get to learn how to exactly use a camera that is provided because I think the camera that Ms. Banfield has is pretty cool because of the lenses and adjustments that you can do with the camera.

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Darian-Oziel Palacios