Student Dress Code

Julian Legarda, Staff Writer

There are certain things about the school dress code may surprise you, and can hopefully give some insight on the topic. It was adopted in September 1972, and the last time it was revised was May 11th 2016. Although a lot has not changed in the past few years, there are certain examples of “unacceptable school attire” that you may find interesting.

In the opening paragraph of the dress code manual, it states, “The Board believes that the manner in which students dress, accessorize, and groom themselves affects the learning environment. Appearance, therefore, clearly has a direct and indirect influence on school discipline, academic achievement, and student success”.

But what is acceptable school attire? What is the extent to which you can express yourself through clothing? Here are some common examples of dress code don’ts: The clothes you wear cannot show any private parts of the body including shoulders and midriff, and must not be too loose or too tight.

There can be no “paraphernalia, jewelry, or body adornment that contain advertisements, symbols, words, slogans, patches, or pictures that are sexually suggestive; gang, drug, or alcohol related; obscene, profane, promote hate, or are disruptive.”

Those were the most common examples of clothing that aren’t allowed at school, but here are the not so common ones. For example; slippers and Sleep wear or “lounge pants” are also not allowed to be worn at D11 schools

In the physical education portion of the manual and it reads as follows “Clothing normally worn when participating in school sponsored extracurricular or sports activities may be worn during normal school hours with prior approval from the Principal.” So school football, basketball and soccer jerseys are not allowed unless the principal has approved it.

Although these rules can be strict, dress code was created to keep students from being distracted and even if you ever get dress coded in the future, don’t take it out on the faculty or staff because they are just following the rules. If you would like more info on the dress code, you can see an administrator or see the student handbook on the school website.