The Dress Code: The Standard and Why It is Important

Gillianne Hulse, Co-Editor in Chief

The dress code is a set of rules that specifies the required manner of how to dress at school. It bolsters the idea of keeping students in a safe, appropriate, and professional environment. The dress code presents students with a choice to express themselves freely , but also highlights the importance of boundaries. School dress codes can overall have an impact on self respect and self esteem.

The dress code brings to attention that “all clothing must be worn as designed and should cover private parts of the body.“ Another rule to the dress code is “pants or shorts that are in the mid -thigh range or longer where the waistband rises to at least the hips are school appropriate attire.“  This is important because Odyssey is a college atmosphere, and is preparing its scholars for an adult job that requires professional attire. Doctor Mike Lamphere, the dean of students for Odyssey, made a statement by including in Friday’s Phoenix feathers on September 21st 2018 “Keep it clean, keep it classy , keep it Odyssey.“

The dress code also reinforces the importance of how we dress creates a reflection of our culture. An off campus student Lovie Fairbanks, who is attending Centennial this semester spoke out in terms of the dress code by saying “I believe there should be a dress code because technically school is our work and we have to dress accordingly.” This statement can be interpreted as we dress for success , and how the community views us is a reflection of our character as a unit within the school.

A benefit to the dress code that Odyssey students can often be seen comfortably following is the rule we are allowed to wear hats!  Dr. Lamphere mentioned in an interview with Journalism student Gillianne Hulse on Thursday September 27th “Yeah it’s a little weird not being able to tell a student to take off their hat, but with that being said eccentric and weird makes up who we are as a student body. We celebrate how we are all a little weird and different.” Dr. Lamphere recognizes the freedom of choosing how we dress affects how we feel, and it is important as students to be able feel important and safe in a respectful manner. “Remember you matter” -Dr. Lamphere

Despite how many feel it is administrations best interest that the dress code maintains equality and integrity for the Odyssey students .