What Makes Odyssey ECCO so special?

Aspyn Metzger, Yearbook Section Editor/Staff Writer

Odyssey Early College and Career Options is an extremely unique school. Odyssey gives it’s students more opportunities than what many other schools provide by offering unique programs. Odyssey partners up with Pikes Peak Community College to give students an early start on their future, which gives students a chance to take free college classes so that students can earn college credits as well as high school credits. They get the opportunity to graduate high school and get their associates degree at the same time. By some students junior, senior, or even sophomore year they take classes on the PPCC campuses.
Odyssey also has many amazing teachers, and even doctors. They’re the most valuable resource for preparing students for college because they care about their students more than I’ve ever seen in another school. They give good one on one advice and they always make spare time to talk to their students if they need it. Students who come to Odyssey are more prepared to get a head start on their career, education, and their lives in general.
Odyssey also gives us the opportunity to explore career options and learn about them with our Career Pathway classes. They have so many classes to explore such as: culinary, business, children/families, science, art, and more. The teachers are all wonderful and honestly those classes are my favorite and I enjoy it a lot. All the teachers here at Odyssey know that education is important, but the teachers also give us breaks after a test or hard lesson, and they make sure we get our laughs and smiles in for the day. Odyssey also plans fun events like coffee house, the car show, dances, and other unique events.
Students at Odyssey are more focused on their future, and because of this, our school is drama free, with almost no discipline issues. Odyssey also has so many unique clubs such as: creative writing, drama, link crew, sources of strength, journalism, National Honors Society, and more. If we don’t have a club you’re interested in, speak up. Give your idea to the Dean or Principal and talk to them to see if it’s okay. If they say yes, you just must find a teacher who would like to help run that club with you. For example, creative writing was a student’s idea and now they’re currently working on a book together and possibly might publish it!
Here at Odyssey students get so many unique opportunities, and we give students so many early chances in life that not many schools provide. I am very blessed to be given this opportunity for an early start on my future.