Glorification of Shootings

Mikayla Smith , Staff Writer

The main issue surrounding these school and mass shootings is not even the shootings themselves. It’s the fact that social media has gotten out of hand by broadcasting every issue to the world. This gives the attacker more power over people’s opinions. School shootings have been getting glorified in social media. People online, tend to make bad situations seem better than they are. An individual social media site has what many have described as “fan pages” for school shooters.

These glorify the way the student, “Took charge of the school,” as said in the comments section of a post praising a student shooter of the Raytown, Missouri school shooting. The kid’s praises were because of the exposure from the school shooting spread through various social media accounts.

This happens more than you may think.

CNN news station reported that in May of 2018, in the US alone, “It has been estimated that every week at least one school shooting has happened.” It is getting out of hand.

If you are a human with real thoughts and emotions, you would agree to the statement that anyone who has the audacity to “empty the magazine” or shoot a gun on school grounds, at active students has no sense of compassion for the students who have done nothing wrong.

School shootings have been getting out of hand. Not only do they affect all of the population, specifically Americans. We need to stop glorifying the idea of becoming famous from doing horrible things.