Shadow Corps Newsletter

Shadow Corps Newsletter


What is ShadowCorp

Shadow Corp is a student organization put on by Ms. Lord and Link Crew. It is a group of freshman students who have proven to be responsible. To be chosen for Shadowcorp, you need to have recommendations from teachers. Teachers can recommend you for several reasons, from having shown responsibility and leadership in the classroom, to having good grades.

Odyssey allows incoming students to shadow, and Shadowcorp’s job is to show those students around. Those in shadowcorp are put on a schedule. When students come to shadow they get to follow the shadowcorp member around during the school day, so they can get a true feel of what it’s like to go to Odyssey.

Here are some of the answers that were given after asking those who are in Shadow Corp a few questions: 

Question: What do you like the best about ShadowCorp?

Answers: (all answers remain anonymous)

“I enjoy how Shadow Corp encourages us to be responsible and how it gives us more opportunities to join Link Crew”

“Shadow Corp would look good on a resume/application/”

“It helps us get to know those who may become our underclassmen.”

“It helps show those who are coming into 9th grade around, letting them know what it would be like to go here.”

“It helped show me when I was shadowing what it would be like to go to Odyssey.”


Question: How do you think Shadow Corp helps promote leadership?

Answers: (all answers remain anonymous)

“I think Shadow Corp helps promote leadership by encouraging us to be more independent and more responsible.”

“It teaches us to model responsibility.”

“It teaches us to be a leader to others as we help show the 8th graders around.”

“It shows people that they have opportunities to help others.”

“It helps people learn how to answer other people’s questions when they get older and/or into the workforce.”

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